Dear Nhi, Mit !

Remember the strange tree that grow from nowhere outside the window?

To me, that tree is kind of annoying as it keep prevent me from opening that window and block our tiny walk way along the balcony. I once wanted to kill that tree to get rid of all troubles it may cause. But, after few lazy attempts, I quit. The tree grew stronger than thought. At that time, I was too lazy to use knife and, above all, clean all the mess after that. So, I was kind enough to let that tree survive as long as It doesn’t get into my sigh (the blanket Mit used to cover the window turn out quite handy for this purpose).

This morning, when I open the balcony door to catch Tigger, I saw hundreds of these unknown beautiful violet flowers grow from the tree.

Lost for words.

Somehow, I think of the “clumsy life” Mit once wrote. That is, no matter how clumsy things may look at first, if we give them enough time and freedom to develop, they’ll eventually blossom. This is the lesson I learned from the wild and annoying tree !

Good luck, with our “clumsy life” !

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